Graduate Credit

Graduate Credit Requirements:

Students enrolling for 3 graduate credits are required to:

  • Work with strand leaders for 45 contact hours in concentrated settings that focus on technology integration within the curriculum (All day for 5 days).
  • Meet with strand leaders to create a Project Action Plan (see STI MOODLE)  for the coming school year.   Participants may work with others in a project team approach. This Plan is due on the last afternoon of the Institute.
  • Respond to all of the Institute readings by the end of August.   Further details on the readings and required responses will be provided by your Strand Leader. You should obtain this book on your own.
Summer Tech Books:
  • Implement your Project Action Plan during the fall.  Proposal and Project (pdf)   .
  • Correspond (at least) every month with your Strand Leader to provide updates and ask questions.
  • Write a final report in the fall  (due to your Strand Leader by November 30) which will detail the results of your action plan and all of its glory and pitfalls.

Although the Summer Technology Institute carries graduate credit, students should check with their advisers in advance to verify that the Technology Institute will be accepted for their Program of Study.